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Ok so I'm not a big fashionista and please don't expect me to keep you updated with all the latest trends, but I do like shopping (which girl doesn't?!) and in my Shop Category I would love to share all the nice things I come across with if it comes to clothing, shoes, bags,...

I discovered a new brand a couple of weeks ago through one of my favorite bloggers Sincerely Jules and I must say I love what they do! Sézane. Their shoes are amazing and I would love to have a pair! They just opened their fall e-shop but I'm always a little sceptic when it comes to ordering online. Will it arrive (I live in Shanghai!)? Will they fit me? What if it isn't the right size? Plus I still need to save some money I guess. I mean, I like to invest in a good pair of shoes but I never bought I designer shoe... (yet!)

I added some of my favorites but if there is 1 pair I'm buying, it would probably be this one:

I think they are SO cute! Black and flat, you can't go wrong with that. I also like some of their heels, but hey, we still need to run around all day, right?!

Love the combination of grey and blue!

A little bit more classy.

Little bit more cowgirl style, I like!

Maybe a little too much glitter for me, but I still like them!

Just discovered this little piece! L.O.V.E.


  1. Nice Leen! Just took a look at the website of Sézane! Nice discovery!

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