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My latest trip was a 4 day get-away to Taipei, exactly what was needed. Especially when my boyfriend’s birthday was coming up! A 2 hours flight and a 1 hour bus drive took us to the heart of Taipei where the hotel was located. We stayed at the Howard which is an affordable hotel if you want to be in a good location (we were next to Zhongxiao Fuxing subway station which connect 2 important lines) and if you want some facilities (gym and an outdoor pool).
The Boardwalk
Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Food street!

Seeing Taipei 101 by night (the world’s tallest building for 6 years), enjoying the Taipei night scene, taking the cable lift up the mountain for some hiking and an amazing view, visiting the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to taste some architecture, pool time and a walk on the boardwalk is in a nutshell what we did.
Of course we cannot forget about one thing: the food! Taipei is known for its food and night markets and we did not let that go past us. We tried lots of snacks, one better than the other, and wandered around the shops. The last night we went for a birthday dinner at Ding Tai Fung, a famous Taiwanese restaurant where they make the best dumplings!

View from the Mountain
Xiao Long Bao


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