Cook - The Cooking Challenge Part 2

You might already have read The Cooking Challenge Part 1, well here's what was on the menu the rest of the week:

Wednesday (in the middle of our challenge). I found a recipe through Pinterest that looked really good and I just had to try it! I know, it's more of a breakfast/brunch recipe, but it was on my list. As a starter we had what was left of the tomato/vegetable soup to fill us up a little bit more and we had some bread with the oven baked eggs. Again we didn't follow the recipe 100% because we didn't have goat cheese and instead of prosciutto we used salami, but the combination was very good! But next time I will add some kind of cheese, it will give that extra flavour to the eggs!

Oven baked eggs on Wednesday
Thursday was another great meal, my second choice after the pita bread! Gnocchi with pesto, chicken and cherry tomatoes. The best thing was how the chicken was prepared by my boyfriend (He's a great cook!): he boiled it! Slice the chicken thin and put it in boiling water for about 1 to 2 minutes, it's amazing! So tender and juicy! Yummie! Definitely going to try that with beef as well! Fry the gnocchi a little bit, at the cherry tomatoes and pesto and at the end put in the chicken and stir for about a minute. Great meal and quickly prepared!

Gnocchi with pesto, chicken and cherry tomatoes

Friday. The end of a busy week so it was time for something very simple and very quick: croque party! We made some Croque Monsieur to start the weekend. We added an egg on 1 and some tomatoes on the other one. (sorry, forgot to take pictures)

On Saturday we didn't cook at home, OH NO! Why? Because we stayed home the whole day (we had to wait for some deliveries) and on Sunday we were planning to go out, so we switch cooking on Saturday for cooking on Sunday. And on Saturday we went out for a cheap Chinese meal at Dumpling King, good choice!

So Sunday... After visiting the 1933 Slaughterhouse we went for groceries to our local Chinese supermarket, because we wanted to try cooking Chinese food. Here is what we wanted to make, stir-fried rice noodles with beef, but it didn't really turn out that way. Because of different reason the dish wasn't very good. The noodles weren't cooked properly, the beef wasn't as tender as we had hoped for and everything was just very sticky. Too bad, maybe we are just not made for Chinese cooking. Not sure if we'll try again, it's better to stick with European cuisine!

So that were all the dishes for 1 week. On Monday we did go out for a nice romantic dinner, haha! But I'm sure we are going to cook a lot more every week, it's really fun! You discover a lot of new things! If you have any good recipe ideas, please share them with me! Or if you have any questions about my recipes: shoot!


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