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I hope you all had a lovely weekend! My weekend was great! Yesterday I went out with some girlfriends and we had so much fun! 
The weather is getting nicer and me and my boyfriend went out for a long walk today and some shopping. I'm a little bit torn if it comes to shopping. With our move ahead I kinda want to spent as less as possible on things I don't really need. But on the other hand it's been since Christmas that I went shopping! I did shop a lot (check here), but still... So today I was like 'just go and have a look', I did and there wasn't really anything I liked. I bought a grey cardigan, because my old one had to be replaced, that's it! Maybe it's a sign. Plus, when I will be arriving in Amsterdam it's going to be sales! I better wait a bit!

But for today I have been collecting some nice items I found on Etsy, in particularly the rings! They have some really nice pieces! Here's what I think is really beautiful, which one is your favourite?

Found this one here

You can buy this one here

They have them in silver and gold, see here!

Click here to buy!

One of my favourites!

The last one you can find here


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