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A quick quick design post for January about another one of favorite brands that you can use in office design: Paustian. I already introduced you to MUUTO and HAY in the past! It's a again a very simple Danish design which I like. Here are some images of my favourite products:
The ASAP Chair in white. They also have black ones + you can change the color of the cushion
Here is it in black with the ASAP table

Lounge sofa in grey

Spinal Chair 80 (other colors are available) + Spinal Table 

Spinal Chair (4 star base) with Spinal Table

Spinal Chair (sled base) with Spinal Table

And now I have to go and finish packing because I'm leaving to Malaysia in a couple of hours! When I'm back, I'll definitely share some pictures! In the mean time, check my Instagram, I'll probably put up some pictures during my travel!


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