Shop - Just for me (1)

Finally I found the time to share with you all the nice things I bought when I was back in Belgium!

The first day my mom, her aunt and me went to Breda for shopping. Sales in Holland already start in December, great! Here's what I bought:

(sorry, most of the pictures aren't that great)

this very nice top I got from Only
a nice blazer I bought in H&M
my black dress I was looking for, I found in WE

in Hema I found this 'special leather' leggings which I can combine with this warm grey dress, and I also found a new PJ's there!

On Friday I had to go to the doctor (near Antwerp Centre) and afterwards I walked all the way to the shops I wanted to go to.
First I went to 'Het Kookhuis' for my boyfriend's Christmas gifts, it's really like paradise if you love cooking, they have everything! I bought him a ceramic knife and some special ice cubes that don't melt! 
After buying some more gifts it was time for me again:

bought this in the MAC store, an eyeliner gel is so easy to use!

I just had to visit the COS store and of course I bought something.

Another very nice holiday dress, I'm so happy with it!

It was a great day in Antwerp! The weather was amazing and it was just me, myself and I!

On Monday my mom, my sister and me went to Wijnegem Shopping Center. I was still looking for new shoes, so I really wanted to do another shopping day! And yes, I found them!

These lovely black boots I found at Sasha are mine now (I know, no Oxfords, but I couldn't find nice ones, maybe this summer) 
a black shirt and skinny black pants (more like jeggings) I found in H&M

a nice oversized sweater I bought in Vero Moda

So, that's all folks! I'm very happy with all my purchases! A lot of black, but it's winter so that's ok! 



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