First of all a Happy Birthday to my dear friend Eva!

So...BIG NEWS?! Not quite sure what category to put this post in... Travel? Home? MOVE?

And yes, there it is! We are moving! Bye bye China! And before we go we'll be traveling for a month before we leave! Say whhaaaat?!
I'm so happy I can finally spread the news!!! Your biggest question is probably WHERE? Well, you can already guess from the pictures: we are moving to Amsterdam!

I'm really excited! And all of this is going to happen in only a couple of months! I'm looking forward to being in this new city I have never been (oh yes!), to explore new restaurants/bars/shops. Design-wise I want to do so much more things that will be a lot easier to find in The Netherlands! Looking for a new job is going to be challenging and finding a new apartment will be exciting!

Why we made this decision (so sudden)? Well... It's been going around in our minds for a couple of months now. First time was in October when we were almost certain we were going to move to London. Back then we did the research, thought that this was going to be too expensive and realized we had a pretty good life in Shanghai. So we put that idea aside for another year (at least that's what I thought). But when the new year started, my boyfriend brought the idea back on and after some thinking we decided it's time for something new! We both are ready for a new city, a new challenge. We did some research on different cities (San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam), but the decision was quickly made.

So what's going to happen now? Both of us will stop working at the end of April and after that we will go travel for about a month. Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia is what's on our list! We will ship some of our stuff back home around mid April and after our travels we will come back to say goodbye to our beloved Shanghai. After a couple of days we'll pack our bags to go back to Belgium where we will be staying a week or so and after that we will start our new adventure in Amsterdam!
I will try to prepare as much as possible for my job search and send out my applications as soon as I arrive in Belgium (or when I'm back in Shanghai), and then it's just fingers crossed I can book some interviews soon! My boyfriend is going to continue working for the same company, but part-time. The other part he's going to develop his skills by taking on some courses.

It is going to be an exciting 2014!

Some images to get inspired:

Beautiful colors

Orange is their favourite color...

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