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The final post of our trip! Did you already check the previous posts about Kuala Lumpur and Penang?
Palm trees

So on Sunday morning we took the Penang Ferry to go to our final destination, Langkawi. It took about 3 hours, but next time I'd rather take the plane. I think if you book on time you'll be able to find a flight for the same price, it takes less time and it's not that bumpy (hopefully). Also when we arrived at the Ferry Terminal in Langkawi it was really busy and it wasn't clear where and when we could get a taxi (that was the only way to get around) until a girl approached us and asked if we wanted to share a cap, yes please! Thanks a lot! After half an hour driving we arrived at our hotel, and that was even nicer than the one in Penang! Ambong Ambong, it was located up a hill a little bit in a 'rain forest' and we had our own little studio with kitchen and private terrace! I was so happy! 
After we had installed ourselves a bit, we went for lunch at this Malaysian/Thai restaurant called Maya. They were so friendly (everyone in Malaysia is) and they served great food! We tried some red curry and Pad Thai. When we were done we had a little walk towards the shops and small restaurants we passed int he gap. They have a lot of duty free shops in Langkawi, but there were so many people and I was still not in a shopping mood, so we left quite quick.
We went back to the hotel to relax at the pool and nobody was there, nice! After a couple of hours relaxing we got ready for the night. We went to the beach and had a nice walk, it was so romantic! We stopped at Sugar, a bar at the beach and had some wine. We watched the sunset and it was just perfect! Paradise! We had to find some dinner place and we decided to eat Mexican. I know, we were in Malaysia, but after a week eating only Asian food we deserved something different and oh my! It was THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD! Soooo good! Little Mexican it is called. At first we ordered some nacho's topped with cheese and salsa and sour cream on the side, what a great start! The I had enchiladas with chicken which were big and topped with melted cheese! And my boyfriend took Chimichangas with beef which are basically deep fried burrito's. It might not sound healthy, but it was amazing! After dinner I ordered a Mojito and believe it or not, but it was the best Mojito I have had! (not sure if these 3 glasses of wine I had before had something to do with that) It was a really fun night, I had a great time!
Romance at the Beach
On Monday we had breakfast at our little terrace (they always brought the food the day before around 5pm) and relaxed at the pool! And again there were no people, so much fun! We had some lunch around the area and afterwards we relaxed at the beach, it was beautiful out there! We went back to the pool for more relaxing and swimming! On our last evening we had a beach walk again and went to an Indian place right at the beach called Oasis. It was really nice to watch to sun go down again with some nice food, we were enjoying it to the fullest! 

Unfortunately our holiday came to an end but our plane was only leaving at 21.30 so we still had the whole day to, oh yes, relax! We basically did the same as the day before. Sat at the pool, had lunch down the street and went back to the (kinda private) pool. There are more things to do than just relax at the pool/beach but we didn't really feel like doing this. Around 6 we could freshen up in one of the shower rooms the hotel provided and slowly we got going to the airport. Bye bye beautiful Langkawi!


As you can read it was a great holiday and I'm very thankful I'm able to do all these things. I'm also very happy it went perfectly as I imagined: KL was mostly seeing things and walking around the city, Penang was a mix of doing culture activities and resting at the pool and Langkawi was 100% relaxing. "A whole lot of doing nothing", is how my boyfriend called it. Just perfect!
I'm feeling really happy and I still had 4 extra days of holidays (my boss gave everyone extra days, how nice) so it was hard to get back into the working mood. But I'm also working on my own 'little projects' so I'm very excited! (later more about that, but I cannot tell you just yet)

I definitely recommend everyone to go to Malaysia and check some of the places I've been, you'll have an amazing time! 


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