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Monday again! How are you doing?

Last weekend was a lot of fun! My friend from London, who I met in Beijing, came and visit! We did all the touristy things in Antwerp and she enjoyed it! Happy to have seen her back!

Work is going great, busy, but fun! And today I want to tell you about a nice brand/webshop: &K. It's an Amsterdam brand, full name: &Klevering and they have pretty stuff! I discovered the brand when I was shopping in 'de negen straatjes' and loved it! I went to their webshop and saw that they sell a lot more brands then their own. Here's my top 10!

1: For your bread - € 78
2: Marble Plate - € 11,95
3: Olive Oil - € 13,50
4: Cute cups - € 27
5: Spices - 13,50
6: To clean - € 59,95
7: Tooth brush holder - € 45
8: Brass Vase - € 42
9: Brass Tray - € 37,95
10: Lamp - € 107

Check out more products on their webshop, which one is your favourite?


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