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What a lovely day - the sun is shining in our apartment window and I love my new job! Oh btw, I have a second one now! I work 2-3 days for BBSC Architects and tomorrow will be my first day at Ten Architects where I will work 2 days a week. I really like this arrangement! Depending on how much work each studio has I choose a bit where and when I work. The projects I'm working on so far are really nice and different from what I did before - love, love, love!

Now back to our own apartment. One thing left to buy: a coffee/side table. But which one? It has to be a small one and I like the combination of wood and white. Søstrene Grene has a really nice one, you can read about it here, but unfortunately I don't have time to drive all the way to Groningen or Paris, so I need to find an alternative closer to home. I also really like the ones I saw at Maison du Monde, but they only sell them with 3 and I don't have space for that. So again: looking for alternatives. Here's what I like:

1: these are the coffee tables I saw last week in Maison Du Monde - € 99,99
2: most likely I might order these ones, nice and inexpensive. I have a friend who has the same ones, so I'm still looking around for others - € 57
3: of course I can't forget to mention this one, Bella Coffee Table from Hay, unfortunately a bit too expensive for our budget right now - € 188
4: Muuto's Around Coffee Table is another one of my favourites but definitely too expensive - big one € 499 and a small one € 319
5: and another one that is too good to be true, Normann Copenhagen's Tablo - € 220
6: my second favourite (considering price) is this one from Zuiver - € 78,99

If anyone knows a similar table that is not too expensive and which I can find in Belgium, please let me know - loooots of thanks!


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