Søstrene Grene

Oh, what do I like A LOT of products of this brand! Søstrene Grene, it's a Danish brand that I discovered when I lived in Amsterdam. They have beautiful things and the prices are so good! The one thing I don't like is that most of there stores are in Norway and Denmark. There is a store in Groningen, The Netherlands and Paris too, but it's a bit far. "A webshop?", I hear you thinking, no they don't have that, too bad! It's because they change products quite often, such a shame I think (and I'm sure I'm not the only one)!

For the holiday season these houses are just too cute!
candle house €3,53 / porcelain dotted house €2,88
porcelain dotted house €2,88 / candles left €6,36 / candles right €2,33
These tables are the reason I would consider a trip to Groningen or Paris! (but then I'll have to drive there)
tables from €24,44 to €43,22 / vases from €1,43
wire baskets €19,96 / pillows €25,90
How fun are the boxes?!
price from €6,38
dipped candles €2,16 / cork candles €8,39
I think it's funny they also have some toiletries!soap dish €5,30 / toilet brush €9,85 / tooth brush holder €3,36 / boxes from €0,86
Pictures I found on Søstrene Grene's Facebook page and a catalogue with more products and prices you can find on their website.


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