A New Year. A new name.

Hi there! (no, you're not on the wrong blog)

First of all I want to wish all of you a happy new year! I hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your beloved ones and that you're ready for 2015! 

I sure am! A lot has happened the past couple of months, some good, some less good. Long story short: Amsterdam wasn't all that great for me and my boyfriend so we're back in Antwerp. We've been back for a month, enjoyed our free time and of course the holidays with friends and family. 

We're looking for jobs (again), but at the same time I'm working on some little projects that I hope to see fulfilled in this brand new year! Blogging again is one of them, so I'm starting that under a new name, A Home Addict. I want to focus more on interior design and a little less on the other things.

So from now on you can find me on www.ahomeaddict.com! I can't wait to be sharing again more and new things with you guys!

Cheers! x


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I'm Leen, twenty-something and born in Belgium. Lived for the past 4,5 years in China and Amsterdam and recently moved back to Antwerp! I'm an interior designer so you’ll find out more design I like, favourite brands and the things I dream about. Hope you enjoy it!