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Last Saturday I organized a Christmas Party at our house! When I have the time, I loooove organizing parties and being a host! At the first the boyfriend wasn't that excited, but after convincing him, he was totally on board! I took care of the invitations and all groceries and he just had to help me with cooking (which he loves), so no problem! So on Saturday we were in the kitchen the whole day making lots of food! 

I didn't take any picture while preparing the food (too busy preparing), but I did try to take some at the party when everything got served (not the greatest pictures though).

Here is what we prepared:
1. Some vegetable sticks with ranch dip (thanks to my American friend!) + some black olives to start with.
2. Lots of small finger food like toast with bruschetta (homemade), tuna salad (homemade), rillette, coppa ham, salmon and cream cheese,...

Bruschetta and tuna salad on one of these IKEA toast bread
Coppa ham and rillette on a baguette
3. After the cold appetizers we served some very nice (homemade) tomato soup and some simple snacks we prepared in the oven. The first one was with pesto (homemade), tomato and mozzarella and the other one had brie. Simple and very good!

Pesto/tomato/mozarella and brie baguette in the oven
4. We also made a big bowl of pasta pesto with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, it's basically this one, without the broccoli and the chicken (we had a vegetarian at the party ;-))

Pasta pesto!
5. After all this food it was time for dessert of course! For those who know me: I love chocolate! So I made my special chocolate mousse, the chocolate chip truffles I wrote about before and I baked some gingerbread cookies (I did buy the dough at IKEA)

Chocolate Chip Truffles
Star gingerbread cookies

It was a great party! The deal was we prepare all the food and the guests bring all the drinks, and they did! There was lots of wine, some bubbles to celebrate properly and even whiskey for the boys! Plus my best friends bought us this amazing bbq grill/raclette to use in house! A-MA-ZING! You guys are the best! Thanks a lot!

Next time I will share some of the recipes, so stay tuned! 
(and now I need to start packing because I'm leaving tomorrow morning! So excited!)


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