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Woop-woop! Next week I'll be going back to home! So excited already! I have planned so many things! Manly shopping, I even made a list of all the stores I want to have a look at!
So time to think about my next item on my shopping list: SHOOOEEESS! These should be black and flat! I don't really have nice (= to wear to work) flat black shoes, time to add this to my collection!
First I was thinking of buying some ankle boots, but most of the nice ones have heels and I have too many pairs of these ones already! So what about Oxford's? I know, it might not be a real winter-winter shoe, but I like them and it's even better if I can wear them all seasons!

I just want very simple black shoes, is that too much to ask? Here are some I like:

I found these ones on Etsy. There are some nice details but still simple
Through Pinterest I found this very nice and simple one!

On Sasha's website I found this one, not sure if I like the white sole. I'll have to try them on!

Another pair I found on Sasha's! Definitely going to visit their shop a couple of times.

Which one do you prefer?


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