Bake - Chocolate Chip Truffles

I do like baking sweet things. Normally I always make cupcakes/muffins and brownies, the familiar things I'm kinda good at. I tried chocolate chip cookies ones, they were good but a little burned. I was in a baking mood last week but this time I wanted to try something else. I found this picture on Pinterest, so I got to work!

This is what the recipe says you need for about 15 chocolate truffles (I converted 'cups' to grams):
What you need
- 75g butter (softened)
- 65g brown sugar
- tbsp vanilla sugar
- 125g flour
- 110g dark chocolate 
- a handful of chocolate chips
- 110g chocolate candy coating (I couldn't find this in Shanghai so I just added some extra chocolate chips and around 50g semi sweet chocolate)
- tbsp shortening (I also couldn't find this here so I added extra butter)

Here's what I did (I don't have a mixer, so I had to mix everything by hand, a bit of a challenge):
- beat the butter (When you don't have a mixer it's good to put it a couple of seconds in the microwave, makes it a lot easier! I figured that out after I made the dough...)
- add the brown sugar and vanilla sugar, keep on stirring (or mixing if you do have a mixer) and add the flour

At this point the dough didn't really come together, it didn't 'look how it was supposed to look'. So I added some extra butter (this time I was smart and put it in the microwave first) and a bit of brown sugar and yes! It looked a lot better! So you see, you don't always have to stick to the amount of ingredients the recipe says.

How the dough is supposed to look
- after the dough looks 'how it is supposed to look' add your handful of chocolate chips and shape the truffles (about 2cm diameter), place everything on a pan/plate, cover it and freeze them for about 30 minutes
- in the mean time you can start melting the chocolate, add butter (or shortening) and the rest of the chocolate chips (or the chocolate candy coating), keep stirring until it's all melted

- after 30 minutes get the truffles out of the freezer; the original recipe said that you can use a fork when dipping the truffles in the melted chocolate, but this didn't work for me. they were to hard so I called the BF for help and he got his fingers dirty by just rolling the truffles in the chocolate, it was hot but it worked!
- after they are covered in chocolate let the truffles chill for another 30 minutes
- now ENJOY! (you can store them in your fridge for a week!) 

They were very good, but I think I will add some crunched cookies and maybe some coffee next time, this might be a very nice extra touch! 


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