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I'm home! Back in Belgium for about 8 days! 

This week is going to be all about shopping and Christmas dinners. And because of all these dinner parties I'm thinking of buying a new dress. I would also like to be able to wear it after the holidays, to go to work or so, so it should be simple. Preferable with some kind of sleeves 'cause it's cold! And black so I can combine it with a lot! I'm thinking of wearing my nice 'holiday tights' (you can see them here where I combined them with my black skort before going to a party), they're kinda special but with black they look great!

So I had a look at my favourite online stores and I found looooots of nice things! It was hard to make a smaller selection:

Saw this dress on Asos, I really like the asymmetry! But if I want this, I do have to order it online (and fast!)

I really like this loose Asos t-shirt dress! Easy to wear!
A very simple V-neck dress I saw on Asos. Maybe a little short though...
One of the things I want to buy is a long shirt, this looks very nice and I can wear it to parties! 

I also found some very simple and quite similar ones on Zara's website, but they look a little less like party material.

Very simple, but this one looks very warm!
Another simple Zara dress and I like the zipper in the back!
Cute dress with these zippers in the front! 
My first Christmas Party is on Friday and I'm planning on doing some shopping tomorrow and before the party. I might not find exactly the same thing, but at least something in the same direction I hope!

Now I'm going to bed, after a 19 hour journey it's time! Happy to be back home!


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