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Another great design discovery I want to share with you! Each month I find something new (check here what I wrote about HAY and MUUTO)!

This week my Swedish colleagues were talking about "this amazing website" called Royal Design, obviously I had to take a look! It's a website where you can find all kinds of kitchenware (and more) from all kinds of brands. They have a lot of nice things! You can order everything online and they ship worldwide, sometimes they even have some discounts!

After browsing for some time I found a lot of nice products, especially from 1 designer: Eva Solo. I basically love ALL her products! Of course good design comes with a price... 

Like I said, all her products are nice, but here are some of my favourites:
It all started when I first saw this whiskey glass
Such a nice display for all your oils and vinegars
They have a lot nice carafes for water, tea,...
Nice set of pots and pans, and the lid is handy when cooking pasta!
I was thinking of buying a good wine stopper, maybe this one!
Isn't this super useful?!

Cute cups!


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