Cook - Pasta (2)

Sunday night and the boyfriend isn't home. He's having meetings the whole weekend for his job so I had to cook for myself. Yesterday I already went out eating for brunch and dinner + this morning I ordered something for breakfast so I kinda had to cook something. And it was nice! Another pasta dish.

Here are the ingredients I've put in:
- chicken breast
- basil
- canned tomato
- basil
- spaghetti
- pepper, salt, oregano, chicken spice

Here's how I've put it together:
While boiling the water for the spaghetti I cut the meat, spiced it up a little bit with pepper, salt and some chicken spice and fried it. When that was ready I put the chicken aside (yes, I only have 2 cooking plates here in Shanghai), and used the same pan for the sauce. Take the canned tomatoes and put them with the basil in the pan, add enough pepper, salt and oregano. The water should be boiling by now so don't forget to add the spaghetti! When the sauce is boiling add the chicken and stir for a minute. Check if the pasta is ready and your good to go! 

Enjoy your meal!

Oh yes, I also treated myself with a very nice banana split! Yummyyy! 


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