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After an amazing 2-hour work-out, I just have to write about my favourite exercise spot in Shanghai! The Z&B Fitness Studio

So it all started with Zumba, I think most of you guys know what it is right? If not, check out the video below. This is filmed on one of their events. Every couple of months Z&B fitness organizes a 'Party class' in The Apartment, a bar/club in Shanghai. It's one and a half hour work out and it's so much fun! It's really like going out! All the girls (yes, it is mostly girls) are just there to have a lot of fun!

Some pictures taken during a Zumba class

They also offer other classes such as Pilates, Body Jam, Combat, Yoga, Xtend Barre,... That last one is another one of my favourites! That one is less dancing and more toning and sculpting of your muscles. You start with a warm up, then you grab some weights to tone your arms, you move to the ballet bar for leg and butt exercises and you finish with abs. It's tough but it pays off and you feel so good after!

How Xtend Barre looks like

I mostly go to Xtend Barre every week and I switch the Zumba with a Body Jam class or Combat. And then in the weekends (when I have time) I sometimes do a double class. Like today! It's hard, but it really feels amazing!

I definitely recommend to go and try a class (the first one is for free)! The teachers are amazing, the songs are motivating and your body feels great after!

My 2 favourite teachers! James & Siri!

Check out their Facebook Page for more pictures, then you'll get an idea of how much fun it is!


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