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Over a month it's Christmas! Yippi! Apart from seeing my friends and family again and loooots of good food that's THE time for presents! So I think it's time to share with you what's on my Christmas list this year.
The first couple of gifts (1-4) are things I'm thinking of buying, but it will always be fun if someone else gives it before. The second part (5-6) fall under the category "A Christmas gift should be something that you want, but never would buy for yourself", how my BF described it last week. And then the last couple of things (8-10) I think every girl would be happy with!

1. As you might have read here, I kinda need a new wallet. I will look for one when I'm back in Belgium, but if that's my present under the tree I will be very happy!
2. My current WARM pyjama pants are really good but kinda old (like 7 years or so), so I think it's time for a new pair! This one looks kinda cute! 
3. It might look strange to ask for a new bikini during winter, but yes, I do! As you might have read I'm going to Malaysia at the end of January so that's why I want a new bikini. I saw a lot of pretty ones on Victoria Secret, it's probably best I order this one online. BUT I did read an article last week that a Victoria Secret store will open at Brussels Airport in December! So I'm definitely going to have a look when I'm flying home!
4. These 2 are the current perfumes I have and they smell amazing! I'm planning to buy a new one (different one) at the airport, but because these 2 are almost finished an extra one is more than welcome! 
5. This little camera is so much fun I think! You take a picture and instantly it comes out (like the Polaroids back in the day)! I also found this one, it looks a lot better + it's digital, but it's quite expensive...
6. I really like this magazine and I'm on their website a lot of times! I would be very happy with a monthly subscription on this one!
7. I'm checking out this blog from time to time and recently they published a book, it would be nice to add that to my collection!
8. 2 years ago I got this from my sister and I was really happy with it! You can never have too many lotions! So a nice Vanilla Body Shop Gift Package would be awesome!
9. Diamonds are a girl best friend. No need for diamonds, but some nice jewelry can't do any bad. These necklaces I found on COS' website, pretty-pretty!
10. Some people might think it's not personal enough, but with money or some vouchers you can't do anything wrong (at least not with me).

Now I need to find gifts for my family/friends, a lot more difficult...
What's on your Christmas wishlist?


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